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Sick Puppy: Do your research before you buy.

Note: Here at Dog Dish we aren't against buying a purebred dog. What we are against is irresponsible breeding. Puppy mills and "backyard breeders" are a source of anguish for families who find themselves with a chronically ill dog. Do right by your puppy and make sure you never buy from a "puppy dealer."

Where did your puppy come from?

We hear a lot about puppy mills, but many don’t realize that puppy mills are the source of many puppies in pet shops or those sold on the internet. A reputable breeder usually truly cares for dogs and wants their animals to be healthy, and is concerned with continuing or improving the high quality of their breed. A puppy mill has one goal: to make a profit.

Dogs from puppy mills are prone to illnesses, have hereditary or congenital diseases, and are timid or scared from lack of socialization and neglect. They rarely receive adequate veterinary care. When the mother reaches a point where she can no longer reproduce, she has no use to the operators and is often killed. Also, because of the circumstances in these mills, many puppies are born with obvious physical problems, thus are unsalable so killed.

Commonly, responsible breeders will allow the customer to visit the premises and sometimes meet the parents of their potential puppies. Puppy mills, however, would not allow potential buyers to visit the habitat because often the dogs are living in unsanitary, overcrowded, and deficient conditions. This is one reason that puppy mills usually sell their puppies to pet shops. There, their records are often falsified.

Please help stop puppy mills. Do not buy a puppy unless you are offered to see the whole facility and meet the puppy's mother. Never buy a puppy from a pet store or from a website that sells pets online. Also, you could consider saving the life of one of these beautiful and loving creatures by going to a rescue organization like a shelter.

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Comment by Cindy on May 27, 2010 at 4:22pm
Animal Planet recently aired a Humane Society expose of puppy mills. An undercover Humane Society employee posed as a buyer for puppies from puppy mills that supply Petland with puppies. Coincidentally, all of the mills (which were horrific) that were visited were in Oklahoma. It was interesting, and sad, that these mills had numerous USDA violations, but continued on with their deplorable conditions.
I'm also a very proud owner of two poodles that were formerly used as breeders by puppy mills. I tell my babies every day that living well is the best revenge!!!
Emily is absolutely correct - never buy from pet stores or on the internet. Many local rescue groups have lots of purebred puppies to choose from, and if you can't find a suitable adoptable dog, their are local breed clubs that can help find responsible breeders.
Comment by Emily Langdon on May 29, 2010 at 1:47pm
Thank you for your comments Cindy and Maryann!

Another guideline to follow when using a breeder (responsible or not) is to meet the parents, as Cindy said, so you can see what their temperment is like. I recently read an article about a woman who bought a dog from a breeder and ignored the fact that the father of the dog was aggressive and showing his teeth at them. The breeder said he was just protective of his puppies - this is not normal behavior! A few years down the road this woman noticed her dog displaying the same aggression as his father. An unfriendly parent should be a red flag when buying a puppy.
Comment by Maryann & Fred on May 29, 2010 at 1:54pm
I have six rescues and they are the love of my life...2 are from puppy has taken a lot of love and patience to get them comfortable and trusting....but it was worth all the effort. Please consider rescues before you even think of buy...they are the best babies out there...also never buy a puppy if someone wants to meet you half way to save you time...see their facility, see the father and mother in person and see what conditions these little puppies are living in, even if they say they are raised as inside pets...see for yourself....please use wisdom...most of the ones that I rescue are from bad situations that people made emotional decisions and didn't know all that was involved. Thanks Emily for reminding us about the puppymills and that Oklahoma is rated one of the highest states for that.
Comment by Cindy on May 31, 2010 at 6:17pm
And hopefully, Emily, Maryann, and Fred, the three of us are not just preaching to the choir, but that people will listen and use every bit of caution and consumer knowledge when acquiring their new best friend as they would getting their next car. A lot of innocent little lives are sometimes at stake!
Comment by shown on December 29, 2010 at 4:48am
It is really a good post and we should need to think about the raise issue in it. I have two dogs and I am giving good dog food purchased at offering them good health treatment and other facilities as well. But never think about this issue that you raised. Thanks to  share such issue with us. It will aware we all dog owner and lovers.


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